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My new installation, “Water Memories Reimagined”, combines both my photography and mixed media. In this work, my two conceptual focuses combine.  This work explores how things fit together in the world and their relationship to time and space.


Water has played an important factor in my life, having spent a great deal of time in, on, and around it.  All of these images relate to water. Through images in this work, I recall memories of swimming as a baby with my mom, of my dad fishing, of relatives at the New Jersey shore in 1939, and of my dad in the Navy. The water, the backdrop of my life, connects these different people, places, and times.


The red string is symbolic in Kabbalah as well as Italian, Buddhist and Hindu cultures, all of which have touched my life. It traditionally symbolizes protection, but I also use it as a means to hold my word together and to make things mesh.


With the red string, the recurring image of water, and the merging of vintage photos with modern digital technology these images come together as one to blur the lines of time.

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